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   Hironori "Guts" Anazawa is a composer for film, TV, Game and Commercials. He is an excellent melody maker as well as a great conductor, orchestrator, synth programmer, sound designer, music copyist and sound mixer. Everyone loves his works not only as a filmscore but also as a piece of music.

     Hironori has scored for many films, TV episodes, Games and Commercials, and his scores have been published worldwide. In addition, he has worked at Reprise Music Service (Universal) as a music copyist, and worked as an assistant to many composers.

   Not only music, but Hironori is also well known as “Shochu (Japanese distilled liquor) Meister” officially approved by “Yoshinaga Shuzo Ltd” and “Shiraishi Shuzo Ltd.” He has tasted more than 500 brands of Shochu and has visited many distilleries to learn how to make Shochu in Kagoshima, Japan. His dream is to have his own distillery and become Shochu popular in the US.

   Now that lots of directors and producers want to work with “Guts,” and he never says “No!!”

   (Formal resume is available upon request. Please don’t hesitate to ask Hironori for it.)

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Hironori “Guts” Anazawa:

Composer, Arranger, Orchestrator,

Conductor, Shochu Meister,

Music Copyist, Mixing Engineer, etc

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